Bali Bliss 2018

Published on June th, 2017

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Are you in? A small, spirited group of adventurous souls are taking a once in a lifetime 11 day Transformational Spirit-filled Journey into the heart and belly of Bali, the land of Gods, Goddesses and Mysticism.

I am super excited to share that the dates for our Retreat have been set for May 24th-June 4th of 2018! Reservations for the most beautiful accommodations in Ubud and Tejakula have been secured. It’s still 10 months away but I can hardly wait to share this experience with you!

Location, location, location! We will be spending our first two and last two days and nights in Ubud, the artistic and bohemian heartbeat of Bali, and the other six days and nights in Tejakula, a beautiful beach town in Northern Bali.

In case you want to check out our lovely accommodations on the net, here are the links. Our rest and renew center in Ubud is Ananda Cottages, a beautiful Balinese gem. In Tejakula, we’ll be staying at Gaia Oasis, where every hut has a beautiful view of the ocean. Gaia Oasis is so sought-after that I had to book it a year and a half in advance! In my opinion, this space is beyond breathtaking, and the perfect location to do our deeper soul work.

Gaia Oasis bedroomGaia Oasis ocean view

What makes this adventure so profoundly special? Everything!

First and foremost, Bali herself is irresistible. The Balinese put spirit above all else. Their devotion to God and mysticism is expressed in a multitude of ways. Streets are closed for rituals, stores put out prayer baskets everyday to appease the deities, incense billows down the city sidewalks, black and white fabric cover statues and architecture expressing the important balance of shadow and light within humanity. Statues of Hindu Gods fill the streets, greeting passers-by; reminding us that spirit is all around and within us. In Bali, the stage is already set for deep soul diving.

YOU, me, and a tribe of seekers and healers create a powerful vortex. Going to Bali on vacation as a tourist can be pretty awesome … but it doesn’t compare to the juiciness of going with a group of wondrous, open-hearted, deep diving, courageous love warriors! The group holds a powerful container to drop deeper into spirit and the epic now.

Not only will we explore the outer Bali, with its beautiful temples, culture and environment; we are also going on a sacred adventure to explore our inner Bali – fully embodying each chakra, its related deities, elements and seed sounds. Our whole itinerary and excursions are built around playing with these energies. And because we have frickin’ ELEVEN WHOLE DAYS to play with, we have ample time to push our edges, and feel into these inner magical realms. Can you tell how excited I am?

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Upon arriving you will receive a packet of info that includes our list of scheduled activities, but I thought you might enjoy seeing a sample of last years adventures to tantalize your imagination:

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Bali is the Queen of Ritual. We love that about her, as we too will be using ritual to deepen our transformational experience. Ritual creates a powerful bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind, giving transformational experiences a place to root and integrate into our daily lives.

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Play, Rest, Restore and Renew are all on our Balinese menu.

Self-care is self-love in action! Our first stop after arriving in Bali is at the Venezia Spa in Ubud, where a local Balinese masseuse will pamper you with a rejuvenating massage. I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing better than a massage after a long plane ride! I believe the best way to ground into a new culture is to connect and receive love from the people of that area. The cost for the trip includes two massages – because you deserve to be loved up!

We have an amazing itinerary planned for our adventure — and there will also be plenty of unplanned time where you can rest by the pool or ocean, write in your journal, get another massage, shop for beautiful Balinese jewelry, art, and clothing, or do whatever tickles your fancy!

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So what’s the cost?

$2,995.00  or $2,795.00 early bird pricing if deposit is in by September 1st.  Trip includes accommodations, food (except alcohol), outings & excursions. You are responsible for your own airline ticket. If you’re a YES to our Bali Bliss Bound adventure please send your $1000.00 deposit via check to:

Larisa Stow
202 Termino Avenue Long Beach, CA 90803

Or you can make your deposit through PayPal via my email address: and please assign your payment under “Family/Friends”! Also, please write me at this email address to let me know that you’re on board for the journey, as we do have a limited amount of spaces. Upon receipt of your deposit, I will email you your Bali Retreat 2018 Info Pack. To prepare for our adventure; you can start reading “Healing Mantras” by Thomas Ashley-Farrand & “The Places that Scare You” by Pema Chodron.

Airline tickets for Bali are available at a great price right now, in the mid seven hundreds.
I have paid as much as $1,400.00 for my ticket to Bali. So I, along with other Bali Bound Tribe are going to purchase our tickets ASAP to secure the lower pricing. I would love for you to be on our flight too, as it’s a lot of fun traveling together, and I am well acquainted with the airports so I can be a helpful guide.

If you have any questions about our retreat I would love chat and tune in with you. Please feel free to give me a call on my cell phone: 562-900-3095.

Bali, here we come!!!

With love and gratitude, ~ Larisa ~