Crawling Towards Compassion

Published on February 22nd, 2014

I read an evocative post on the prolific Jeff Brown’s page.  I didn’t set out to write my own blog in response to his post but his writing stirred my own self-expression. I have heard from various spiritual leaders and friends that we are responsible for everything that happens to us.  It’s usually the last thing I need to hear after going through an ordeal or conflict.  I don’t believe that my conscious mind created everything that happens around me. It certainly didn’t ask for the big wars started by the power driven or the small wars that continue to happen between friends in my community.

And yet, there is a place within me, the same place I know as home when I fall deep in love with the moment, exactly the way it is, that gives me an expanded view of myself and humanity.  It is a place that transcends words.  It is there that I have experienced there is only one appearing as many. It is free of judgment;instead there is compassion for myself, for humanity.  It is also there that I have seen and experienced consciousness, my own and the collective as a small baby.  A baby just learning how to crawl through free will. And as a baby I am doing what babies will and must do, making messes.

I have “experienced” oneness so I cannot just point the finger out there.  I know that whatever exists out there also exists within me, so my fingers are not pointed in judgment or shame but in compassion for the limitations of our baby consciousness.

I didn’t start the wars physically. But my limited consciousness is crawling through this thing called life until learning how to walk becomes second nature.  I speak of compassion and gratitude.  I seek to live and breathe it.  When I am walking with gratitude and compassion life is deeply beautiful and fulfilling.  But I still crawl too.  When I am triggered and collapse into righteousness, shame and judgment I fall back down on my knees.  And aren’t these the energies that start inner and outer war on all levels?

This new age idea that we are responsible for everything that happens to us may have started from understanding that our collective consciousness is creating how we hold and experience reality but somewhere down the line of sharing this understanding it became twisted like many oral stories do when passed from person to person.

We accept that babies are where they are, growing as fast as they can. Maybe we should try to see humanity and ourselves through the same lens.  It is the “walk” of crawl


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