I Am Everything – And So Are You

Published on February 14th, 2013

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 by Larisa Stow

This past New Years Eve, one of our beloved fans brought a friend along with him to our transformance at Glen Ivy.  I watched this fellow sitting off to the side, challenged by the face-paints we were wearing for the holiday celebration… and  I could venture to say he was probably challenged by a lot more than just our celebratory make-up.  He was uncomfortable with our bold self-expression, he thought that we must be “pagan”.  My initial reaction was disappointment and angst because I wanted him to see us for who we truly are, not some limited perception. But then I felt another energy come in… acceptance.  Because he’s right.  We ARE pagan, we honor the earth, the seasons and cycles of life that move within us and everything.  We are also Christians who honor the “Christ Consciousness” that permeates every living thing when it is awakened to its true self.  We are Buddhist, we are Hindu, we are Jewish, we are, we are, we are everything.  And we are nothing.  For we can’t be completely contained by a label.  Of course this man can’t help but define us, if he defines himself.  He can only see me, himself and the world through his own lenses of perception — just as you and I do. And this lens colors how we see, feel, touch and taste life around us for better or for worse.  He is a great reminder that the way I see the world is limited to how I view myself.  If I accept more of who I am, I will be able to accept more about the world around me.  I won’t try to change it to feel better about myself. Do you remember the song by Meredith Brooks, “I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m your mother?”  Why did that song become so anthemic?  It touched on a deeper truth.  We are all these things, and more.  The more we accept this truth, rather than resist it, the freer we become.


The next time someone labels you, try this on:  See the truth in what they are speaking, and own the gift of it.  If they call you a “bitch”, you might reply, “yes, I am more clear than ever about the need to create healthy boundaries for myself.”  If they say you are too promiscuous or too sexual, you might reply with, “yes, I can see how you would perceive me that way, I am a very physical being and enjoy expressing love and connection with myself and others through my sexuality.”  If they call you selfish, you might reply, “I can see how you might see that in me, as I am listening more to the needs of my heart.”  If you are being defensive, it only means you are not okay with yourself.  A shift in perspective gives you one more opportunity to love yourself!


  1. Posted by Ellen Radon on February 27th, 2013, 14:57

    Thank you Larisa for writing your blog, it really showed me what I needed to hear with the part if they call you selfish, you might reply, “I can see how you might see that in me, as I am listening more to the needs of my heart.” I just moved last week to Cayucos on the central coast it is a little beach town about 1/2 mile north of Morro Bay and I think you play up here sometimes. My only sister told me that I am selfish to move away from our parents and she said I don’t see the bigger picture of what it will do to our parents but really I have been back in Long Beach for over 10 years and my sister and her daughter who is my niece still talk over me and do not include me and want nothing to do with me unless it is a family occasion so I asked myself how much of my life am I supposed to serve time for with this family of mine. I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 12 years and had to move back to Long Beach due to an illness I had. So it was finally time for me to get out of Southern CA again and I can see the ocean from my front yard on my chaise lounge and I can hear it from my house what an opportunity and gift this is for me and I am finally at peace and with peace. If you are ever up in this area my house is open to you, it is like a beach house and you could stay as long as you wanted to. I could explain to you who I am if you wanted to come stay I have been a big fan of yours for about 8 years I think it has been and you would know me if you saw me, I’ve been telling you that you just keep getting better and better. You could just do your own thing too it would not be about me needing to hang out with you it is about me giving back you give so much to everyone. With love and light and blessings, Ellen Radon

  2. Posted by Cheri on February 27th, 2013, 16:10

    When are you coming to Florida. We need a renewal and a voice like you. I love to listen to your music. I am 52 and an earth muffin from birth. Love and Peace to you and your family Cheri >~

  3. Posted by Stephen Sacks on February 27th, 2013, 18:24

    Thank you, Larisa,for the memorial song and this article about self appreciation in the presence of criticism. And, thank you for expressing your love for our world.



  4. Posted by Dee Munsterman on February 27th, 2013, 20:20

    So true Larisa, and the master teacher on this subject, Debbie Ford, just left our beautiful planet last week. Her movie “The Shadow Effect” and her book “The Darkside of the Light Chasers” were instrumental in my journey here. May she rest in peace.
    Love you bitch ;-), rock on

  5. Posted by michael on February 28th, 2013, 10:39

    Dropping our masks are tough. But honesty and clarity are worth the initial fear of opening up. Acceptance of being my/your self are life long struggles for all of us. Drop the fear and love.

  6. Posted by Jill on March 22nd, 2013, 16:45

    Rock on! SO inspired by you the tribe, and everything you contribute to this planet!


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