Shakti Tribe Peace Outreach has a new nonprofit sponsor — Wisdom Spring Inc.

Published on February 15th, 2013

Since 2007, our Shakti Tribe PEACE OUTREACH has been blessed with numerous opportunities to bring forth our peace concert ministries into jails, prisons, half-way houses, juvenile detention centers and orphanages. Committing to this soul work has deepened our awareness of how much we all have an ability to truly make a difference when we choose to recognize and affirm the highest in one another.

┬áThe lion who breaks the enemy’s ranks is a minor hero
compared to the lion who overcomes himself. ~ Rumi

We have witnessed and experienced first-hand the deep heart openings that unfold during our Transformances at these facilities. Specifically, we know from talking with the officers and counselors at correctional institutions that the work we are doing with the inmates is helping to create a more peaceful environment that supports the rehabilitation process. At the same time, we have also heard that they would greatly appreciate receiving our uplifting interactions on a consistent basis! We are finding it is not enough to go in every six months, for deep lasting results to integrate, so we are creating an empowering new curriculum that supports the follow-up of our peace concerts; featuring meditation, mantra, yoga, shadow play, dream interpretation, grief rituals and more.

We have also recently joined hands with a like-hearted non-profit, Wisdom Spring, Inc. who has vast experience in, and is sincerely committed to, bringing enlightened curriculum into correctional institutions. We are very honored to be co-creating with them to further our outreach missions and to be a key project underneath their 501(c)(3) umbrella. They, like us, believe that education is essential towards lifting consciousness all over the planet.

Healing Hands Teens / Wisdom Spring, Inc has organized a Healing Hands Walk coming up on October 20th, in San Clemente, to raise funds for medical supplies that can sustain life in Africa. I invite you to check out the great work they are doing to raise the vibration on the planet:

Also — Alan and Justine Shelton are hosting a benefit concert & mantra playshop on November 2nd at their private residence in Oceanside for our Shakti Tribe PEACE OUTREACH work. Alan has already begun to raise funds to help us further the mission, while Justine is focusing her attention on the event details. We are deeply touched by their generous hearts and spirit. If you feel called to join us on any level with this mission we would love to hear from you. 2012 is calling us more than ever — to share our gifts and bring them forth to our community to create even greater healing “within and without” on our planet. What is your beautiful gift?


  1. Posted by michael on December 11th, 2012, 08:22

    Music is a powerful universal language that can transform and inspire. What a great cause you have applied your creativity to – you gals/guys are amazing.


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