seeing the light

Published on March 24th, 2017

And yes, in fully feeling the pain it opens us up to our deep vulnerability. In the moment we feel most exposed and raw is the moment of choice again. Do I create an even stronger wall to protect my vulnerable heart or do I let it be seen…soft and in its naturally loving, compassionate state? If I choose the later, from this arises the ability to see others as outer manifestations of self in the infinite ways the self chooses to perceive reality. The more compassion I have for the “other”, the more the “other” will be able to perceive from my dimensional perspective, grounded in compassion. The more I am able to see the highest in another, the higher the probability that they will choose a higher vibrational reality. We build heart-bridges into our dimensional experience for others to cross over when we extend our hand in compassion. This is the empowering reality Gandhi discovered and lived for. Now it’s our time, our opportunity to share this liberating consciousness.

_larisa stow

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