Peace Outreach

Published on October th, 2010

Shakti Tribe Peace Outreach

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Opening Hearts and Changing Lives with the Transformational Peace Programs of Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe


Shakti Tribe PEACE OUTREACH is dedicated to pro-actively expanding PEACE through transformational programs that utilize heart-centered music to educate, entertain and empower individuals and communities at crossroads, focusing on…

  • jails, prisons and juvenile facilities
  • half-way houses and recovery centers
  • orphanages, school programs, community centers, yoga studios,
  • retreats, festivals, churches, temples, and non-denominational groups


Since 2007, our Shakti Tribe PEACE OUTREACH has been blessed with numerous opportunities to bring forth our peace concert ministries into jails, prisons, half-way houses, juvenile detention centers and orphanages. Committing to this soul work has deepened our awareness of how much we all have an ability to truly make a difference when we choose to recognize and affirm the highest in one another.

We have witnessed and experienced first-hand the deep heart openings that unfold during our Transformances at these facilities. Specifically, we know from talking with the officers and counselors at correctional institutions that the work we are doing with the inmates is helping to create a more peaceful environment that supports the rehabilitation process. At the same time, we have also heard that they would greatly appreciate receiving our uplifting interactions on a consistent basis! We are finding it is not enough to go in every six months, for deep lasting results to integrate, so we are creating an empowering new curriculum that supports the follow-up of our peace concerts; featuring meditation, mantra, yoga, shadow play, dream interpretation, grief rituals and more.



Larisa Stow, Project Director

Bhakti Fest LakshmiGrace

Photo: Lakshmi Grace


“Believe it or not, your concert was a powerful catalyst for my transformational process…your work is important and it does bear fruit. Please pass along my love, respect and gratitude to the band.” — letter from a former inmate

“Some of the men came and wept and said that your music has changed their lives to touch the depths of their souls.” — email from a prison counselor at Terminal Island Federal Prison

“First and foremost I want to say thank you for taking the time to come up to the camp and bless us with your music performances. I honestly enjoyed it. I thought that the music was played well and was pretty catchy.  I also liked the fact that you guys talked about real life things and how our lives are molded around our thoughts, peers, surroundings and beliefs.  My eyes were really opened in a new way during the concert.  I myself have some pretty ambitious dreams and your words led me to believe that if I believe in myself I can make them a reality. Once again thank you for coming to share your precious time with us.” — letter from a teen at Los Prietos Boys Camp

Shakti Tribe PEACE OUTREACH is a project of Wisdom Spring, Inc – a 501©3 non-profit organization



Live Footage from our 5th Annual Shakti Tribe Peace Outreach Benefit, Aug. 2011. Video produced by Rob Armstrong, Namaste Media: