Published on October th, 2010

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Buy Now! Rock On Sat Nam! Rock On Sat Nam! is a genre-busting masterpiece. The third full-length studio album from Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe is an exquisitely crafted mix of empowered rap, rock, pop, Sanskrit mantra, world rhythms and slamming beats that deftly meld Larisa Stow’s force-of-nature vocal fireworks with powerful riffs, dramatic sonic crescendos, and progressive twists from her seasoned band.

Rock On Sat Nam! Album Cover

Rock On Sat Nam!









Buy Now! The Shakti Sessions. Music for movement, yoga, and peace.  Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe celebrate peace, hope and love in this magical blend of East meets West.  We are all One, connected by the invisible threads of life, and this album is a reflection of that knowledge.  Music that is sure to make you dance, sing, share and reflect.  LISTEN TO ALBUM FOR FREE!

Shakti Sessions CD

The Shakti Sessions



Buy Now! Moment By Moment. Catchy melodies, haunting lyrics and engaging grooves highlight this critically-acclaimed album of 10 original pop-rock compositions. Produced by the legendary David Tickle (U2, The Police, Peter Gabriel) for DTS Entertainment.  LISTEN TO ALBUM FOR FREE!   

Moment by Moment Cover Art

Moment By Moment

Buy Now!Reaching In. Engaging chants, mesmerizing rhythms, haunting melodies sure to ignite the soul.  LISTEN TO ALBUM FOR FREE!

Reaching In CD

Reaching In

Buy Now! Reaching Out. Step out into the light, the love and the spirit of Larisa Stow’s Reaching Out.  Award-winning singer/songwriter Larisa Stow takes the listener on a soul-stirring ride with her latest release of pop-rock tunes.  Larisa’s lushly powerful vocals combine with lyrics that touch the heart and grooves that ignite the spirit.  From the drum-driven track “Alive”, to the hauntingly beautiful ballad “Claire’s Prayer” about surviving war, to the sassy peace song “Shake It Around”, Reaching Out is a medley of inspirational songs sure to ignite the soul’s fire.  Also contains the popular single “Bloom (Mother Mary)” with Shakti Tribe.  LISTEN TO ALBUM FOR FREE!

Reaching Out CD

Reaching Out

Buy Now! Dance Chants.  A sacred groove that blends Studio Voodoo’s modern ethno-electronica with Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe’s unique style of ancient Kirtan.  Together, they move body and spirit with a rhythm and passion that is Dance Chants.



Dance Chants CD

Dance Chants

DVD ($20.00 + $5.99 shipping)

Buy Now!Prema Shakti Yoga DVD. Prema Shakti Yoga means Love Power Yoga in Sanskrit. In this invigorating series of poses, Larisa Stow takes the practitioner on a journey into the self by activating the seven energy centers, called chakras, located in the body. Based on the science of Kundalini yoga and incorporating breathing and meditation techniques, this chakra set will open you up to the infinite creative energy that lies dormant within you by drawing the energy up your spine to unlock your own creative potential. Through Larisa’s gentle but clear guidance you will gain strength and flexibility, rejuvenate your body, while uplifting your spirit and expanding your consciousness.

Yoga DVD by Larisa Stow

Prema Shakti Yoga DVD