Street Team

Published on October th, 2010

Do you want to help Shakti Tribe wake, shake, shift and lift consciousness?  Are you a visionary see, be, make it happen person?  Then we need YOU to play with us.  We are looking for a team of passionate like-hearted spirits that want to raise the vibration.  You will be working behind the scenes with the Shakti Tribe team, and will be in the first tier to hear, see and receive new recordings, videos, merchandise, and other Shakti Shwag.

Official member of the Shakti Tribe Street Team!

Official member of the Shakti Tribe Street Team!

We will find special specific projects for you that utilize your strengths, whether you are a master of social networking on Facebook and Twitter or are an on-the-go person who enjoys connecting with your local community and bringing people together.  You can help us spread the word by posting on the internet, or in person by passing out promo material, distributing fliers and such.  For you networking aficionados, we can use your help to call local papers, magazines and media outlets and let them know about our upcoming transformances.  Or perhaps you have an idea we have not even thought of yet that will help Shakti Tribe grow its outreach.

If the idea of spreading the love in these ways gives you Shakti-bumps, then it’s time for you to join our Shakti Tribe Street Team, make a difference, have some fun, and uplevel your bliss-ness.  Email Larisa at: to let us know you are interested. Include your name, your city and your phone number — and we’ll keep you in the loop.  !~!~!~LOVE~!~!~!