Why kirtan & Spring Shout- Out

Published on April 7th, 2014


Hello beautiful tribe, I want to know what draws you to sing, dance and celebrate the names of God!


For me, it turns on the divine light that illuminates the world from the inside out.  When I open to it, the world is brighter and takes on a soft, heart infused glow.  But with that softness there is also a crazy intensity. Following it, feels like following the white rabbit down the unknown hole. It calls me to embrace the fullness of the moment, which is pregnant with others and my own humanity in all its blessed messiness while being held by deep divinity, the purest expression of gratitude.   It wakes me up, heightening my senses and my emotional experience and connection to life and compassion.


Realizing this is like waking up in a dream but waking up together, with you, truly creates heaven on earth.  Singing the names of God with passion, embracing ALL that we are, the light and the shadow, creates a tangible, ecstatic vortex that as it moves through us, begins to wake up the whole of the grid and existence!!


On April 19th we’re lifting it up at a Pre-Shakti Fest Event at Urban Yoga in Palm Springs.  Then we’re taking Main Stage at Shakti Fest on Friday night, May 16th, at 6:00 p.m. Also, I am teaching a mantra playshop on Sunday at 3:30 at Shakti Fest.


How much can we let go, marinate in the bhakti, and activate the grid and ourselves awake?  Let’s be the ones to anchor in this paradigm together!!


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